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Deena Woods



Being new to town can be an exciting, but often overwhelming experience. Deena understands this! After she and her husband traveled through Petoskey on a Northern Michigan trip, they fell in love with the town and the beauty it offered. As they began spending more and more time vacationing in Petoskey, they just couldn’t stay away, and decided to build a home here. What began as a seasonal home has now become their permanent residence.

Deena’s expertise is helping her clients new to the area navigate many decisions about their dream home, whether seasonal or full time. She has experience with the unusual challenges that come with building your own home, and has developed positive relationships with many local suppliers. Having dedicated herself to making a new home here, she brings a fresh perspective to all our area has to offer. She is always excited to show others the beauty of Northern Michigan and all the seasonal activities that go along with it.

Petoskey and the surrounding areas continue to grow and thrive. The mix of quaint, bustling downtowns with majestic landscapes is just unbeatable. Northern Michigan has so much to offer to outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, craft beer and wine lovers, and those just looking to unwind.

Deena would love to help you find your piece of paradise. Or as she calls it - the hidden gem of Northern Michigan!

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